Parlay Card Paper


We will be offering perforated paper again this year! * $64.99 – Peforated Paper (500 Sheets) – This will allow you to print 1,000 cards with tear away tickets at the bottom and a dividing perf directly down the center allowing 2 cards for each piece of paper. No more tearing and ripping off the bottom. Look professional to your clients with our perforated paper. Simply put the paper in your printer and print the PDF file directly to it for a perfect fit. We will ship the paper directly to your front door at no additional cost. FREE SHIPPING

The paper will be available in assorted colors and have a detachable bottom for easy collection of tickets.

A. High quality digital perforated paper

B. Receive your perforated paper and print out your parlay cards: Done!

C. Saves you time and hassle

Perforated Paper Example