Do we only accept paypal?

No! You may pay with Credit/Debit card as well.

When will ParlayCardsNow.com update the lines for the week?

We will post the new cards each Tuesday no later than 12:00pm EST for that week of Football. Now keep in mind not all lines are available that early due to injuries. So we can only post the lines that Vegas releases before this time. If you are able to find a spread that we haven’t, you’ll be able to add it directly to your card without waiting for an update from us. We will update our card for customers as we receive those lines.

What can I change if I purchase the service?

Everything on the card is fully customizable, you can add/remove games, change the spread, total , payouts and the rules. You may even remove all NCAA Football & NFL games and add High School, Nascar, Golf, Baseball or Basketball cards for a year round Parlay Service.

What if I want both NCAA Football & NFL on the Same Ticket?

No problem – Our combo card will allow you to have up to 40 games (80 slots) on one card! Ex. You may have 25 NCAA Football games and 15 NFL games or 30 NCAA Football and 10 NFL. You decide how many of each you want on your card. You can have less than 40 games as well. The max # of games a card can hold is 40.

How do I get my card each week?

Once you purchase our service you will have access to the card we provide and be able to customize it anyway you’d like. There will be a PDF Button at the bottom of each card that once your card is satisfied you may click and it will generate a PDF File that you may print as many copies as you desire.

Why Perforated Paper?

Our perforated paper matches up with the PDF file we provide perfectly. We will ship the paper to your front door for no additional charge. Simply put the paper in your printer and print the PDF from our site directly on your paper and start handing out your cards instantly! No matter how many games you may have on your card, the PDF will line up perfectly with the tear away ticket at the bottom.

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